25 October 2011

More antisem...sorry, anti-Zionism from The Guardian

If you don't get to see www.engageonline.wordpress.com (who has time to read everything they should or is even of interest to them, if only they knew about it), this might be a useful link.

The following is by Eve Garrard and is a guest post by her. It follows up on an article by one Deborah Orr, a Guardian columnist of whom The Guardian say that she "is one of Britain's leading social and political commentators." But then they would, wouldn't they. Eve's article is a response to a column by Orr on the Shalit prisoner swap and picks up on an ill-judged use of the word "chosen" (as in "chosen people"). For those who don't know of Eve Garrard, she is a recently retired philosophy lecturer (University of Keele, UK), and can be found on occasions at normblog, by invitation.

You might find the Alan Johnston article also very interesting, as linked to by Eve, which also picks up on this, but also on the other theme in the article (spun - word used advisedly - off from the theme of one Israeli life being worth 1000+ Palestinian) which then uses the nasty "chosen" theme. This Alan Johnston is the academic, and not the pro-Palestinian journalist. Note also that Eve links to criticisms of the supposed main purpose of the post: the "arithmetic" of the swap.


Post by: Brian Goldfarb


peterthehungarian said...

prof Johnson offered his opus to CIF for publication and they refused his offer.
Why I'm not surprised?