02 October 2011

And meanwhile in the forests of Maine

It's a first cool day here after a long hot summer, only once interrupted by a customary pre-Sukkoth rain. I am browsing various news sites, full of pictures of the deceased self-made cleric/Al Qaeda warrior:

Does he still lecture the throngs of his admirers up (or down) there or is he busy with the obligatory virgins? Hard to say, but the memories he left on this planet are still painful:

Fort Hood memorial

I am also reading that the presidential wannabe of Republican party, Ron Paul, joined the ACLU in condemnation of the killing. Once again Ron Paul demonstrated loud and clear that his grasp of the international scene and the dangers USA is facing is minuscule and, if any, outright wrong in most aspects. So much so that some libertarians are being turned off by his empty rhetoric.

Which brings me again to an irritating issue: the kind of supporters that are following the latest presidential bid of this character. Some time ago I have posted on the wondrous goings on in the forests of Maine, where a group of folks that are calling themselves alternatively Aroostook Watchmen or Maine ReFounders. One of their leading figures, one Steve Martin (not the comedian) features in that old post. The main differentiators of this crowd are their infatuation with various conspiracy theories, unwavering support of Ron Paul and of a lesser version of Ron Paul, a pretender to the Maine senator post (currently occupied by Olympia Snowe), one Scott D’Amboise. The latter, as you can read in the above linked post, seriously discredited himself, singing a few conspiracy songs in unison with Steve Martin.

The latter, while being a major conspiracy freak*, is somewhat subdued when voicing his displeasure with the people, who, in his opinion, really stand behind all (or most) of the conspiracies he is outing:
D'Amboise just sent out a circular about Snowe backpedaling on her "Stimulus" votes saying that "No one was talking about it being a bad idea back then..." BULL!!!! Many of us were screaming bloody murder, and that was BEFORE we knew most of the money was going to FOREIGN BANKSTERS. Bilderburg ordered these bailouts, AND, as you now see, they have the power to get whatever they want from THEIR CONGRESS.
His spelling didn't improve any since the last review ("Bilderburg", for instance), and nothing changed in his favorite designation of these mysterious "FOREIGN BANKSTERS". Does he use it for fear of retribution from the Elders** or is he just being coy? No matter.

While Steve Martin (not the comedian) is relatively mild (or coy, whatever) regarding the Jooz, there are much more unsavory characters in the Paulistas/D’Amboisistas crowd of Maine ReFounders. To choose one example, here comes Chandler St Pierre, one of the most active correspondents on the Facebook page managed by the  Maine ReFounders.

Mr St Pierre is more outspoken than his comrade in arms Steve. He thinks nothing about linking to deranged folks of Whatreallyhappened or to the dubious Lew Rockwell (who, by the way, is one of the people what formulate Ron Paul's foreign policy "views"). He is at home with "anti-Zionist" characters:
And he has his own "scientific" doubts about the Holocaust:

If you think you have a strong stomach, you can check the "zionism 101" post warmly recommended by Mr St Pierre.If you need more exhibits, here is another one:

Sweet, ain't it? Well, that will be enough for now. The woods of Maine are jumping, it looks like. But, as any other woods, they give shelter to all kinds indiscriminately, so it's quite a time for some creative hunting, I think.

And again it will be a good thing to ask Ron Paul (and Scott D’Amboise as well) about their attitude (or lack thereof) to these supporters. Not that I believe that any answers would be forthcoming.

P.S. And, since  Scott D’Amboise is mentioned, check out this Wiki "entry" (click to enlarge):


(*) Here is a typical Steve Martinesque rant:
Will somebody please explain to me how "Islamists" could possibly have: 1) forced our air defenses to stand down on 911, so much so that the Pentagon was hit a full hour after the 2nd tower in NYC, and we knew we were under attack, 2) flown large passenger jets like crack fighter pilots, exceeding the avionics of the aircraft when they couldn't even fly Cessnas properly, 3) Made three multi-million ton buildings turn to dust with nothing but the use of jet fuel, 4) Get Mohammed Atta's pass port to exit the fireball which we are told was melting 4'x4' insulated steel center columns and land ON TOP of the rubble pile at Ground Zero, 5) Get NIST to truck all the steel away and sell it to Communist China before it could be examined by any independent investigators, 6) Get several wars launched against their own co-religionsists throughout the Middle East...I could go on, and on, but I think all reasonable people know that "the Islamsists" had some help inside the beltway...
(**) Nothing to worry about, Steve, really. We let the small fish free. Until it grows up to the regulatory minimum size, of course. And then you will hardly feel a thing... well, almost.


Katie said...

Ron Paul is the Lyndon LaRouche of the GOP.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Looks like it.

peterthehungarian said...

The forests of Maine apart from the usual bearshit hide a lot of other kind of excrement too.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Like most forests, I guess.