15 October 2011

Because it's Sukkot...

Because it's Sukkot, and you'll all be there in the Sukkah, with your laptops, running off solar energy, so no-one's really working to power them, I thought I'd bring you some good news, for a change. The following three articles are all via Harry's Place, a good, left wing (but not that sort of left wing) blog.

The first reports that an Australian teaching union has defeated a BDS motion at its Annual Conference. So, unlike the UCU here in the UK, there are some English-speaking teachers and academics who know sense when they see it: and it's not an anti-Israel motion. The second is about the Histradut mounting a campaign against contract labour, in true, good and old-fashioned free trade union fashion. Not that many British trade unionists, or at least those at the top of such unions, want to know that, let alone follow their Israeli comrades example. They're too busy passing boycott motions. Against Israel.

The third link is to our good friend Nick Cohen and an article of his in the Jewish Chronicle. He takes up this same theme of the Histradut, but this time, he's attacking the British Trades Union Congress for not backing their Israeli colleagues in their efforts to serve all the workers in their sphere: Jewish, Arab, foreign guest workers, and for their efforts to link up with and support their Palestinian trade unionist comrades.

Read and enjoy.




Post By: Brian Goldfarb