13 October 2011

Mason Crumpacker's reading list

I don't know who's more amazing in this story - 8 years old Mason asking Christopher Hitchens for a reading list, or her mother for raising such a wonderful child.

Worth reading in full.


Dick Stanley said...

<span>Interesting post, and reading list. Thanks. I've read most of them and nonetheless stayed a believer.  
Only one objection. This is claptrap:
"Texas is a hard place to live for atheists and agnostics..."  
Hardly. Unless like some religious, those atheists and agnostics insist on pushing their views on others.</span>

Pisa said...

I don't know about Texas. What I liked most was the fact that Mason was allowed to choose - she had access to both the bible and Dawkins's writings. This post is not about religion, is about the right way to raise a child.

Anonymous said...

Add her father to that