09 October 2011

Swastikas on Joseph's Tomb and CNN's spin

This article on swastikas sprayed on Joseph's Tomb walls in Schechem (Nablus) seems to be one of the more balanced reports on Israel on this otherwise iniquitous media outlet.

It even mentions, though obliquely, that the PA is in violation of the Oslo Accords regarding the control of the site. Yeah, I know that PA violating the Oslo Accords is not news, but for CNN to admit this uncomfortable truth must be excruciating.
This must be why they wisely decided to add some balanced viewpoints to a dangerously-close-to-not-anti-Israel article.

That video on the left side, which I first thought was an ad, brought peace to my troubled mind. No, the Elders didn't take over CNN yet. It's still up to its old and strangely reassuring anti-Israel tricks, and the world is once again a familiar place.

Whoever decided to put this video alongside this article is clearly implying that one wrong justifies another wrong. Which is exactly what Price Tag is about. Where does that leave CNN?


Dick Stanley said...

Yipes, an attack of objectivity. Heads will roll for sure.

Pisa said...

I hope so. Otherwise the CNN we all know and don't trust will be lost forever...