12 September 2011

Tzipi's twin discovered in Turkey

Nuray Mert is a Turkish journalist. It's just her luck that she should be Tzipi Livini's look-alike. And judging by her article in the pro-government English language Hurriyet Daily News, she is the only Turkish journalist with balls:

Anti-Semitism is not as popular in Turkey as it is in many Muslim countries, yet the danger exists. Unfortunately, most Turkish intellectuals are not concerned, but there is a tradition of anti-Semitism especially among conservative circles (and now among secular nationalist circles) in Turkey. Many intellectuals define anti-Semitism only as “hostility toward Jews” and underestimate the fact that anti-Semitism is also a kind of “reaction toward modernity,” so therefore an essential aspect of almost all authoritarian politics.

When anti-Kurdish feelings meet anti-Semitism, one must say farewell to democracy. I hope we do not come to this point.

Check out for yourself: source.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

I wouldn't say that Hurriyet is all that pro-government. Not if you compare it with (for instance) Jerusalem Post.

I have seen some more fairly pro-Israeli stuff in that place.

Dick Stanley said...

She left out the massacre of Armenia. You'd think, maybe, there was a government ban on mentioning it, or something.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, not a ban, strictly speaking, but rather a mandatory trial frequently leading to a prison sentence.

bhch said...

To be fair, she is discussing what's happenning today and she got it right. 

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That true.