12 September 2011

Apple in the pre-iPhone 5 push: putting the dots over "i"

Apparently Apple(AAPL) decided that to have the playing field tilted all the way toward the announcement of its latest and newest iThing, they must state their case* loud and clear, leaving no doubt in the world's collective mind. So, after hitting Samsung, HTC (and any other possible competitor with a vestige of a pulse) with a lawsuit, Apple decided to turn its attention to the thorny issue of the letter "i".

Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa are put on notice: they have to decide during 24 days whether to change their names or to add a lower case "i" before the capital I in their names - which decision, of course, will have to be protected by an appropriate contract with an agreed upon royalty clause. The case of the foreign states, like Italy, Iceland and Israel is being referred to UN, but the complaint being sent via Twitter to Mr Ban Ki Moon's iPhone, there is little doubt about the possible outcome.

Actors Jeremy Irons and Amy Irving are put on notice re their continuing employment and welfare. Alternative surnames are being negotiated at this time by the agents of the parties mentioned and Apple lawyers.

A list of movies such as I Heart Huckabees, In America, Incident at Loch Ness, Incredibles, The, Into The Sun, Italian Job, The... to be forbidden for viewing on planet Earth is currently being distributed. It must be mentioned that the movie I, Robot is not in the list, possibly due to rumored family connection with some Apple executives.

(*) Lower case, it should be stressed.


Dick Stanley said...

Heh. And to think that Microsoft used to be the monopoly villain and little Apple so virtuous.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Probably when a nice, small and cuddly company of barely $10B becomes a $60B gorilla, its behavior changes automatically.