04 September 2011

About a healthy change to your diet

Them egg-heads never sleep, it seems. Every day brings something new:

Using treadmill-conditioned mice, a team led by the Department of Kinesiology's Gianni Parise has shown that aerobic exercise triggers those cells to become bone more often than fat. In sedentary mice, the same stem cells were more likely to become fat, impairing blood production in the marrow cavities of bones.
This is a real boon for a couch potato like I. The only question is: should I start my diet with these treadmill-conditioned mice or is there a plan to produce treadmill-conditioned cows, sheep and other more gastronomically attractive critters?


Dick Stanley said...

Way simpler to cut way back on sugars, grains, and starch (the potatoes that couch potatoes eat). No huffing and puffing necessary.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

OK, but at least few potatoes, please.

Brian Goldfarb said...

Why does Dick take your comment so traightforwardly? While I am aware of the need to watch my diet, etc (past health issues), this doesn't mean I don't enjoy a nice chuckle now and then. That also helps to use up a few calories. You stay on your couch, Snoopy, and just keep movin' those muscles. The pounds will just fall off!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Some people take the issue of dieting more seriously than others.