09 September 2011

Of NASA's new photos of Apollo moon landing site

Yeah, yeah, I have watched this stuff. And read this. Ha!... what can I tell you:

  1. It's clearly a Photoshop job.
  2. The shoe sizes are wrong - Cernan was size 11, so how could he leave footsteps of size 9?
  3. I hear that over there on the Moon it's colder than the last man's arse on a toboggan. So why didn't all that fancy equipment crack and crumble of that cold long time ago?
  4. All these so called "traces" and "equipment" were made and brought over by a specially organized expedition of US Navy during G.W. Bush time. He aimed to cover his dad's and NASA's foul mistakes, this is why.
  5. There is no NASA Reconnaissance Orbiter anyhow. It's all neocon-Bush conspiracy carried out in Arizona somewhere.
You were saying? You mean  #1 and #4 don't... and Bush Senior wasn't... oh, JFK a Democrat... OK, no problems, I'll be back in a few.


Katie said...

Be afraid...be very afraid...they are every where.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Sure. I am looking over my shoulder and under the bed every few minutes.

Dick Stanley said...

Other than the rover tracks, the rest of the objects are fuzzy. What happened to the "read a license plate" business? Besides, if you believe NASA lied to begin with, why would you believe they're telling the truth now? Me, I'm a sucker. Although I still wonder if, maybe, the moon isn't really made of green cheese?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I shall never tire of admiring the conspiracy freaks. They have an answer to everything.