01 September 2011

The protests and the driving

Listening to the radio when driving - not necessarily a healthy habit, but a habit nevertheless. On the menu today one of the protest leaders, stating another time for the record that the protests are apolitical and no one wants to replace the government. OK, fine with me, although replacing the current government could be a good move (but with what? a Coca-Cola vending machine?). 

Immediately after this interview, a related (prices, prices) subject: the last hike of the gas prices. This time the rise was moderate, since the government in its wisdom decided to compensate the hike in taxes by reduction of the profit margin gas companies get. Usi Landau, the minister of infrastructure is interviewed. No, he says, I have objected to this move. The reduction of the profit margin will not punish the real tycoon in this case, since it's not the gas companies that are the tycoon - they take home only about 50 agorot from every liter of gas sold. It is the government that is taking 3.5 shekels from every 7 (the rounded price per liter - something like $2) in taxes.

OK, Usi, so what now? No answer, just keep driving meanwhile. Watch how far you can press that pedal without the "Economy" yellow light going off... keep driving... the next protest march is on Saturday, and they promised a million on the streets all over the country...


Dick Stanley said...

Life in Israel. Interesting place, for sure.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh yeah, full of surprises.