06 June 2011

The shadow of Monster Mohel over San Francisco

Nope, this one is not a joke. I wish it were. It's just a (fitting) part of anti-circumcision drive pushed by a group of assorted "activists". For more details and explanation of some difficult words like "mohel" and "intactivists" go here and here.

Update (Thanks to Dick Stanley):
The proponent of a proposition aimed at banning circumcision in Santa Monica has informed the Jewish Journal that she is abandoning her effort to put the question to voters in the beachfront city before beginning to collect any signatures.


jams o donnell said...

What the f**k is this? A blond, aryan "superman" fighting and jewish characters that would not have been out of place in Der Sturmer?

What sort of shitbag is the Hess? The bastard son of Julius Streicher?

Pisa said...

"They will have to pray the scissors from his cold, dead hand"...? Scissors? Like in "snip, snip"?  Those creeps don't even know what a circumcision is.

"Foreskin man" sounds like a very bad joke about gays. A guy in a tight suit saving young dicks in distress? Yikes!!!!!!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

So you have noticed the aryan appearance too. Good, so its' not my personal delusion then.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That would be "A gay in a tight suit...".

But whatever it takes...

Dick Stanley said...

If that's official campaign lit, as opposed to some freelance hater's sly  entry effort, then it's the death-knell for this particular "activism." Not that government has any business intervening in religious matters to begin with, but that's the Left for you. They never tire of telling others what to do.

Dick Stanley said...

Of course it is. You can tell at a glans.

Dick Stanley said...

Well, Tablet makes it clear. The comic guy is the author of the initiative:

<span><span>"Hess is not just one hysterical advocate—he is the author of the bill. His centrality to the movement is enough to question the movement."</span></span>

No kidding. Goodbye initiative, and, pretty soon, goodbye Hess.

SnoopyTheGoon said...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

I am not sure whether it's an official part or just some over-enthusiastic jerk with Nazi leanings.

A.Decker said...

I was gonna say, "Unbelieveable" but it's not really. Dirty bastards raise their vile heads any chance they get. But surely Hess has little support! Or am I just naive about how many idiots there really are out there?

Pisa said...

There was a video on youtube with this guy who ranted about how americans give money to jewish organisations every time they buy kosher products. Greedy jews make you pay not only for the kosher certificate, but for this weird organisation called "Parveh", too!

I'm afraid that Hess could have more support than just vile shaved heads, like leftists or just ignorant idealistic jerks.

"Just naive" seems appropriate :)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I am not into polls, but I would guess that there are more vile heads out there than the group around Mr Hess. How many more could be a good question to ask.

Dick Stanley said...

There are undoubtedly more, at least those with the price of a comic book, but I'd be shocked if there were enough to start a movement of any weight. Still, you never know about a place like San Francisco, which has always had more than its share of kooks.

Hess is quite a good "comic" artist, however vile his choice of subject. I wonder if he didn't start the whole thing in order to release his "art" and see how many sympathizers he could round up. My guess is there won't be enough to pay for the printing, and he'll have to look for other work, if he can find any after this. Hess is probably not his real name, though. He couldn't be that stupid, could he?

Dick Stanley said...

The comic seems to be at least part of the reason that the issue is already off the ballot in Santa Monica. San Fran could be next.


Amazingmeatman said...

Maybe you should all just stop sexually mutilating infant boys against
their will, no?  Don't try to justify it - tolerating ANY religion is
bad enough, but the sexual mutilation that goes with it??? 


Who cares if it's a
'tradition'?  I can't comment on whether Hess is anti-semitic or not,
but representing circumcisers as evil is accurate - whether those
circumcisers be jew, muslim, American doctors or African tribesmen.  If
he draws attention to this barbaric practice, then fantastic!  Just stop
playing the 'anti-semitic' card.  Personally, I'd do away with ALL
religion, but there's very little harm - despite how stupid it is - in
denying your offspring a ham sandwich and a glass of milk (or a Danish
and a beer, when they're old enough), or whatever ridiculous rules you follow.  But sexual mutilation is evil, pure and simple.

Maybe you should consider that people who are anti-circumcision and/or
anti-religion DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE jEWISH OR NOT, they just want evil
practices like circumcision to stop.

There are many jews and muslims who refuse to sexually mutilate their
children - while raising them in a religious faith is plainly stupid, at
least those people who refuse to circumcise saw the reality that even
they weren't stupid enough to do THAT!

They should be praised for taking a stance - if they're taking an
anti-circumcising stance because they realise that it's cruel, and not
because of any disagreements in relation to racial/religious aspects,
then why must ALL anit-circumcisers be tarred with the same brush? 
True, I personally can't stand your religion (or anyone else's, before
you accuse me of being a Nazi sympathiser, which I'm sure is your next
thought), but there are plenty of people out there who would DIE to
protect your faith, but who are STILL against circumcision.

The rest of you should be DEEPLY ashamed of yourselves - defending the
sexual mutilation of infants, and attacking anyone who dares to speak
against it.

Because that's what you're doing.

And using the anti-semitic - ahem - 'argument' against anyone who does
speak out, is just pathetic.  You know that not many people will openly -
and fairly - criticise any aspect of judaism for fear of being called a

This isn't a racial thing, either - if someone is ethnically jewish and
refuses to circumcise, then they'd get infinitely more respect from me
than someone non-ethnically jewish who converts and does circumcise.

I will say one thing about race, though - since it's cropped up here (as
expected).  I hate racists (and isn't refusing to marry someone who
isn't the same religionas you, a form of racism?).  I also hate people
who play the race card,
whether to get someone in trouble by falsely accusing them of a racist
act, or to try to get out of punishment for something wrong they've
done, by claiming that they're being victimised just because of their

People who play the race card are no better than racists (in fact, you
could argue that they're worse).  And you're doing your version of
playing the race card, so that makes you just as bad - if not worse -
than those who are anti-semitic.  (And not those who you are *claiming* are
anti-semitic - two very different propositions.)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh boy... so verbose and all that verbiage for what? Guess some people were cut deeper than the other.

The argument that starts with "I can't comment on whether Hess is anti-semitic or not" and ends with blaming us for using the "antisemitism" card must be faulty somewhere - don't you all think so?

Amazingmeatman said...

 And there you go again, playing the anti-semitic card - not to mention ignoring my point that you're defending the sexual mutilation of children - thereby proving my point for me.

How would you like it if I cut off part of your genitalia without permission?  Go on, answer that.

Amazingmeatman said...

 Also, I forgot to mention that I'm intact, as you seem to assume that I, too have been sexually mutilated.

Luckily, nothing of the sort - I just can't stand the thought that people are allowed to do this to their children.  That's what decent human beings think, you see.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

 Methinks that you are playing me playing the antisemitic card, besides not being able to understand properly what is being addressed to you, my friend.

As for my (or your) genitalia - let's assume for the moment that we both are doing sufficiently well with what we have. To be non-genital-confrontational...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

I don't know why you mention this - who asked?

As for what decent human being think: how would I know? This is what we have this wonderful comments system, so people of all kinds could come an tell us what to think.