25 June 2011

Peter Falk, RIP

He may have not been one of the greatest, but sometimes he definitely did touch it. As these guys suggest, this would be a good example to remember him by:



David All said...

Thanks, Snoopy, that was absolutely side-spliting funny! One of Peter Falk's best performances, no doubt. I remember that first part about the supposed tse-tse flies the size of eagles carrying off small children and how these giant flies were protected by the Gliamorlic Act: But I had forgotten the rest, thanks for bringing that whole scene back in all the glory of Peter Falk's weird charecter. The In Laws was a supreb film whose key was how perfectly Peter Falk's craziness mixed with Alan Arkin's straight-laced stuffiness. 

The scene posted was perfect example of the wackiness of Falk's charecter. The scene that best sums up Arkin's charecter's mind-numbing conforminity is when Kornbluth is being shot at by the bad guys, he shouts, "Don't shoot, I'm a Dentist!" 

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yep, he was good.

Dick Stanley said...

I still like Columbo the best.

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