14 June 2011

Where is the basic human decency?

Asks Greg. Read this. Now, when they say in Texas about a person "he needs killing", I hope you know what they mean.

As for the other question Greg asks: "And why are such things apparently still socially acceptable in a way that such abuse towards minority groups is not?" - I believe that I have a glimmer of an answer. While the veneer of political correctness (that powers that be are enforcing by all possible means) is strong enough to make us utter only the right words about minorities, it is only skin deep. This veneer doesn't make up for our animal behavior, as witness the case(s) Greg describes. It doesn't convert us from apes to men. No way.

Too bad.


Pisa said...

Once upon a time, there was a teenager who used to taunt his unfortunate neighbor who was walking on crutches after a deadly accident (her boyfriend had died in that accident). She couldn't do anything about it but silently curse him. One day the teenager decided to leave home. He boarded a train, but didn't buy a ticket, so he jumped when the controller came. He left both legs on the rails. So much for "happily ever after". True story, I knew them both.

Unlike Greg, I think people should make such jerks to "loose their legs" on the spot. I sometimes do, and it feels good.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Ach, a good story of truly poetic justice.

Dick Stanley said...

A busybody Californicator, no doubt. A lot of them have moved to Tejas since the 2000s, more's the pity. When they do things like this, they should be run back to the snarly Left coast, where they belong.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

He he. I knew you would say that. Anyhow, this brings us back to the issue of carrying arms. I guess that were Greg to carry a sidearm, the freaks (at least some of them) would be much better behaved.