14 August 2009

Wayne Madsen farts again: Netanyahu Backs Birthers

Go figure how to make a headline easily understood in such a case. After reviewing this one, I can guess that only two words would be easily recognized by most readers. One, of course, is "farts" - was why I didn't go for a fancy synonym, and the other is "Netanyahu". So a short introduction first.

Wayne Madsen calls himself a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He also boasts a distinguished career in intelligence, security and whatnot. Only one of his many titles is relevant for this post: investigative journalist.

Birthers: people who are obsessed with the small, irrelevant and, frankly, already boring issue of Obama's real birthplace. Some people call them racists - I am not sure about that part, since lately it's fashionable in US to call "racist" anyone who objects to anything done by Obama. So I would just call them... well, one jalapeno pepper short of an enchilada.

So, you may want to ask, what does Benjamin Netanyahu aka Bibi have to do with Birthers? The answer is so simple it could make you laugh in that peculiar Dr Watson (how the blazes I didn't get it myself, it's so clear and obvious!) way. Watch:

And laugh, you are entitled now.

OK, now you have seen how a real "investigative reporter" works. If that was too difficult, I can offer a graphic explanation:

1. Bibi - a great candidate for the role of an overall fiend. Doesn't like Obama being against the settlements and generally passive about Iran. Boss and co-conspirator of #2:

2. Lieberman. Obvious right-wing Zionist bully and ogre. Born in Moldova, which makes him a natural ally of #3:

3. Dr. Orly Taitz. Esq. (I have to tread carefully here, she's a lawyer, so...). The blonde image is carefully crafted to hide the Zionist interior and Moldova as birthplace. She is one of the chief Birthers. If you had to design a secret co-conspirator for Lieberman (#2), you couldn't have done better, I swear.

So, to conclude this part: you have seen a bit of a true investigative reporting, discovered a connection explained in three easy steps you couldn't dream up after a 7-courses vegetarian dinner, and now I can squeeze in a few words (including some juicy ad hominems) about the investigative reporter himself. I have done two posts on the amazing Wayne and his wondrous ability to weave names, places, dates etc. into an indestructible web of conspiracies that squeezes and strangles the helpless world. I have also complained about my inability to understand most of it. As you can see, in time-constrained situation Wayne could be clear and concise.

To pay him back in the same manner, I am allowed to disclose some titillating Elders' secrets. It so happens that I am also a Moldova-born, likely to be called Zionist, who spent quite some time in Washington (do I have to detail my ZOG-related activities there? I thought so). But Washington, you see, besides being the seat of ZOG, is also a place where Wayne himself is located most of the time. So now you grok it: Wayne and I are buddies from times immemorial, and what does it tell you about Wayne? Yes, a happy and active Z..., working with other Moldovan characters mentioned above. And more, to be disclosed at a time and a place of the Elders' choice.

I confess that to keep the appearance of enmity, I used this picture of Wayne:

I have added that the picture above shows some kind of an overweight chipmunk doing his best to contain and suppress a humongous flatus. Happily, Wayne looks different now:

Either he's lost a few pounds or his flatulence problem is now under control and became half-manageable. I tend to the latter explanation, since the bout of flatulence you have watched in that clip above was much shorter and much more to the point than his usual delirious and interminable tales of the past. As for the peculiar facial hair growth and the yellow tie - whatever works for the Russian TV...

The last point, since I've mentioned the Russian TV (whose clip you have watched): this clip succeeds to kill two birds with one stone: another reminder to Obama that his presidency ain't going to be no picnic and that the Russians are thoroughly enjoying the whole brouhaha with the Birthers; and to put some salt, albeit of poor quality (since it is produced by the chipmunk) in Bibi's wounds.

Bully for Putin...