13 August 2009

PETA steps into it again: attacking McDonald’s or our kids?

(Never dreamed I will be defending McDonald’s, even in a roundabout way...)

I am tired of repeating myself, but there is no alternative:

When you think that cheap and revolting propaganda cannot get any cheaper and more revolting, here come PETA puppets - a pitiful result of accidental cross-breeding between STD and Ebola - with a new idea.
It started with fanfares:
Nine years after calling a truce with McDonald’s Corp., People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says it is going on a new offensive against the Oak Brook-based fast-food giant, this time over the most humane way to kill a chicken.
And here we are now:
Around noon today, people coming to McDonald's for lunch found "unhappy meals." Inside the box they found a bloody rubber chicken, packet of ketchup blood, knife-wielding Ronald McDonald, and a tee-shirt. PETA said it was all part of a bigger message.
Of course, this is effective. Especially with kids...

I hope that the clip doesn't disappear, but the kid in it said loud and clear what he thinks about this new idiotic venture of PETA: it was kind of crazy. And I shudder at the thought about this "bigger message". If the above was only a part, what is coming yet? Who are the next people whom PETA hadn't yet offended, insulted or plainly pissed off?

Anyhoo, I had me a dream after the last non-vegetarian lunch: I was running along a street in Ronald M. uniform, with blood-dripping knife in my hand after a PETA member. I will skip the gory details, but the last scene was where I am sitting at a table in McDonald's eating PETA nuggets from a bucket. Yummy...

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