07 August 2009

Bibi going nuclear, Fatah going spare, etc.

A photograph of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visiting the Dimona nuclear reactor was aired Tuesday night on the Israel Broadcasting Authority's Channel 1 news show Mabat.
The article goes into speculations about the reason for the visit, such as (for instance) sending a message to Mahmoud the Mad, about the provenance of the picture, which existence is denied by PM's office etc.

Methinks it's taken on a dairy farm. If you could prove otherwise, using this poor shot, go ahead. And if you think that dairy farms are less important than nuclear reactors, think again.
The Fatah party, which is meeting in Bethlehem, beat the incitement drum Thursday and accused Israel of being responsible for the “assassination” of Yasser Arafat, who died in 2004.
The article carries a (low quality) picture - (is it a day for low quality pictures or what?) that may shed some light on the real culprit:

Surely if a man is ready to stoop so low for a childish prank of giving his boss horns for the photo op, he is able to...

And than comes Haaretz, in all their disarming naivete and asks:

Charming, just charming, folks... check the methods on www.paranoid_schmucks.com.
The Obama administration hopes to tamp down violent extremism by showing that "seemingly intractable problems and legitimate grievances" such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be resolved through diplomacy and democracy...
That article comes under a headline Obama 'has no illusions on terror'. Surely not, only a few delusions, which, deity willing, will be taken care of by the flow of time. Time is known as the best cure for this malady. In most cases, that is.

Well, another week went by.