11 August 2009

Lenin - still dangerous

If you need proof:

A Belarus citizen died falling from a Lenin's monument, upon which he climbed being drunk. The tragic incident occurred on Monday in the town Uvarovichi of the Gomel region, said local police. Young man began to swing from the monument's hand. However, the figure, made of plaster, hadn't withstood the pressure and split apart. The guy fell to the ground, where he was struck by the statue fragments. The victim died in the ambulance on the way to the regional hospital of Gomel.
The article mentions that it's not a unique story, linking it to another similar case in 2003. And the common reason (beside the natural urge to climb on Lenin) is:
Obviously, in both cases the young people were not aware that the monument is made of fragile material [plaster], since monuments of this kind are often covered with paint of metallic color.
Not unlike the whole late Soviet Union.

Hat tip: M.T.