02 January 2007

Wayne Madsen - is he for real?

A short Wiki entry on Wayne Madsen, after citing his various exciting occupations:

Madsen was formerly a Senior Fellow of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. He has some twenty years experience in computer security and data privacy. He was a communications security analyst with the National Security Agency in the 1980s, and an intelligence officer in the US Navy.
proceeds to his, probably most famous, quote:
Madsen is the author of America's Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II, who said in a Hannity and Colmes interview, "I've written, making comparisons between Bush and Hitler".
The man certainly does not mince his words, like in the recent opus* on Saddam's demise:
It was announced by the Iraqi puppet government of Nouri al-Maliki that Saddam is to be buried in a secret grave. The U.S. occupation forces are still looking for someone to take custody of Saddam's personal belongings.

Imre Nagy was buried in a secret grave. He was reburied with full honors in a public grave in 1989. His widow received Nagy's personal belongings a few days after his execution.
If you agree with validity of Saddam - Nagy comparison, the Bush - Hitler will go easy with you, probably. Anyway, this penchant for showy sentences attracted me to Mr. Madsen.

The picture above shows some kind of an overweight chipmunk doing his best to contain and suppress a humongous flatus. And it comes from Madsen's own site (see About). However, there is a sharp mind behind this misleading exterior. The problem is that there are some wires loose in this mind, and the result is a meaningless jumble of information. Follows an example of an "in-depth" analysis:
WMR has previously reported on Scaramella's connections to Michael Penders, a former counsel for the Environmental Protection Agency's Criminal Enforcement Division. More interesting is Scaramella's connections to two one-time former officials of Lockheed-Martin who participated in Scaramella's ECPP conference at Gaeta, near Naples, in November 2002. The two former Lockheed-Martin officials were Prof. John Siambis of MIT, former Director Division Missiles & Space Lockheed & Martin, Member HTWG ECPP (president plasma s.g. [the conference attendees had a special interest in the plasma wind tunnel at the Italian Center for Aerospace Research - CIRA] ) and Prof. Lee Lundsford, retired Director Space Transportation Division Lockheed & Martin. Penders attended the Gaeta conclave along with Ali Hussen, listed as the "Ambassador of Somaliland." Somaliland, the former British Somaliland, has declared independence from Somalia but it has not received diplomatic recognition from any other country. Scaramella's Somali connections dovetail with those of "Malauna Shaikh Abdul Hadi" Massimo Palazzi, the so-called Secretary General of the Cultural Institute of the Islamic Community in Italy who is also linked to a number of neo-Fascist and ultra-Zionist organizations.
If you are a bit delirious after reading it, do not be surprised: it is actually about the reasons to poison the Russian ex-KGB officer Litvinenko. But it does not stop here. In another article:
The source of Litvinenko's "death bed" photo, which was shopped successfully to the world's media, was Bell Pottinger, a British public relations firm headed by Tim Bell, also known as Lord Bell of Belgravia. Bell is a former Saatchi & Saatchi public relations guru who became Margaret Thatcher's top spin doctor who is now closely linked to top public relations spinmeisters in Tony Blair's "New Labor" Party machine. Bell, who is the top PR handler for Berezovsky, has also counted among his clients the late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, South Africa's National Party (the party of the apartheid regime) (Bell's pro-apartheid PR counterpart in Washington during the 1980s was none other than Jack Abramoff), Thatcher's African mercenary-imbued son Mark Thatcher, the government of Saudi Arabia, News Corporation's Rupert Murdoch, Berezovsky's patron Boris Yeltsin, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, "Friends of Alexander Litvinenko," and the "democracy" campaign in Iraq in association with Dubai-based Bates PanGulf and the media consultancy Balloch & Roe.
I hope you are able to hold onto the last slivers of sanity, because yet another blow follows, from yet another piece:
With Scaramella now under arrest in Italy and all investigative roads -- the forged Niger documents, the kidnapping and rendition by U.S. and Italian agents of an Egyptian Imam in Milan, dirty tricks against Prodi, the Pentagon's pre-war connections to Rome-based Iranian Mossad asset Manucher Ghorbanifar, and the U.S. assassination of SISMI deputy chief Nicola Calipari in Baghdad -- now leading to Rome, Italy may hold the key to much more than Scaramella's dubious business dealings. That key may unlock the door of the identities of the actual perpetrators of the 9/11 and other terrorist attacks in London, Madrid, Beslan, Istanbul, and Casablanca.
There is ample evidence in the three passages quoted above. It is sufficient to either arrest half of the planet population for various crimes against humanity, or, which would seem simpler, to confine Mr. Madsen in a padded room for the time sufficient to cure him of the impression that he is a standalone cross-reference computer with combined capacity of all existing hardware.

Neo-fascists, Somalians, professor from MIT, Iranian Mossad asset, neocons, Boris Yeltsin, Nicola Calipari, Lord Bell of Belgravia, ultra-Zionists (of course), my brain if frying, mom i need some cold cat liver please mom do not leave me alone... where is that pink button i have to blow up zambezi WHO STOLE MY YELLOWCAKE AAARGHHH///)()#!((1.....

(*) I didn't find a way to link directly to the article in question on Madsen's site, so my apologies to the readers.



Scott Conner said...

As an anti-occupationik, as you say, why would I be so concerned about other injustices in the world, like Tibet?  The USG isn't funding that, so, I have no responsibility for that. If I were in China, that would be another matter.  You see, you are evidently unable to criticize your own team as it were.

I am critical of the US, and Israel--the 2 are guilty of similar sins--from the dispossession of native peoples, to Jim Crow, racist policies toward Israeli Arabs and Blacks here in the US South.  Your inability to criticize Israel is tantamount to making a golden calf of Israel, of violating the first commandment, and many others.

I am a small d democrat.  What's really disgusting is the common argument that the Palestinians aren't a people.  Whatever you wanna call them, you control their daily lives, restrict their movement--you owe them rights (human, civil and property) and a vote--yet they have none.  Note, I differentiated between Israeli Arabs and Palestinians--you occupy them, you owe them the same panopoly of rights.
I am equally disappointed in the bigotry that issues from Jews and Americans, for a culture they do not understand.  But, I expect more of the Jews, who lived side by side with Arabs for more than a millenia in peace.  There is much revisionist history that has these two literal brothers fighting for centuries--That would be true of Euro Christians and the 3 semitic peoples (J, C and M.)  cont....

Scott Conner said...

So, the question comes to you as, do you want to focus/elevate the book of Joshua, or Rabbi Hillel's interpretation of your tradition?  There is NOTHING in the Quran near as vile, as anachronistic as the example of Joshua and the celebration that is accorded the genocide of a dozen cities.   While Mohammad is ordered to execute a slew of Jews, who were guilty of treason according to the rabbi there, who insisted Mo execute the treasonous Jews there according to the Law; Mohammad shows actual angst and reluctance--not your vile Joshua.

There are indeed verses that can be taken out of context in all traditions, and we should judge/challenge each according to that; and appeal to the best angels in each tradition.  As an American, I have to be guided by the teachings of that good rabbi who taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves, regardless of race, faith or nationality; and to focus not on the splinter in another's eye, but on our own sins.

So, I have to criticize the US's sins, and those we support.  It's not racism that drives many of us to criticize Israel, is good faith, taking ownership for what's done in my name.  Now there are thousands of IDF soldiers who've stated, at real cost to themselves, that Israel "dominates, oppresses, starves and humiliates and entire people."  You may dismiss that, but you'd be guilty of bad faith, bad interpretations of your faith and idealizing something of this material Earth--that's not some obscure tenet of Judaism but the first commandment, from either of the "10 Comndmts."  Coveting your neighbor's farms, land and water, destroying the orchards they've owned and tended for a millenia are all contrary to your faith's best angels.  If you fail to hold to this, YOU DENEGRATE YOUR FAITH, YOU AFFIRM THE MOST RACIST LIBELS UTTERED AGAINST JEWS.

Again, my own country is guilty of similar sins.  I dare say the holocaust and the oppression of the Pales, pales in comparison to what we did to the Native Americans.  But, that is a fait accompli, and a sin that's over a century in the past.   So, to correct that wrong, to redeem my country and the Native Americans I have a duty to speak out against the occupation, domination, starvation, humilitation and oppression Israelis are inflicting on the Palestinian people.  You may wish to dismiss me as an Anti-semite, but I dare say your ignoring the sins of those you'd defend, is far more damaging than anything I could say--as it's truth and accuracy is what hurts

Shalom, comes through rights and recognition

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for this long and thoughtful comment, Scott. Unfortunately, it seems to be addressed to a wrong group of persons, esp. as far as your use of Bible is concerned. Or Quran - no, we are not readers of both documents here.

Otherwise: you seem to be successful in building straw men and spectacularly destroying them: like our inability to criticize Israel, our "racist policies toward Israeli Arabs".

That line about "common argument that the Palestinians aren't a people"  is rather priceless. Where it comes from, I wonder? Your sources of information. And what was that about a right to vote? As far as I know they vote very successfully for their candidates to Knesset, usually selecting the most rabidly anti-Zionist ones.

Re "bigotry that issues from Jews and Americans, for a culture they do not understand" - do you understand it?

"occupation, domination, starvation, humilitation and oppression" - isn't it rather a heavy package? Doesn't it rather show your lack of knowledge, it being replaced by ready made slogans from Occupation Magazine or something like that?

"Shalom, comes through rights and recognition" - right, should it be mutual or reserved for Palestinians only?