08 June 2007

So what do you do?

What do you do if:

  • You have a brilliant father whose shadow pursues you all your life
  • You are clever, but lack that elusive something that stops you from crossing the line between cleverness and wisdom (that was easily crossed by your father)
  • Your political career, easy and almost effortless in the beginning (thanks, among other things, to your dad) was curtailed due to lack of that something and lack of charisma and willpower on top of it
  • Your misgivings about your way in life (that you publicly defined as a soul search) were mostly the result of your failures as a politician
  • Your new life as an entrepreneur was a disaster that almost brought criminal charges on your head
  • You know that there is no way back to the turbulent and merciless world of the politics
  • Your life is certainly not what the above mentioned father would unequivocally approve (nor will he throw you out of his house if he were alive, but this is another story)
  • You are craving the limelights but don't see a direct way to get there
Well, too bad, you say and write a book that will become the scandal of the day. And then shall be promptly forgotten.

And you become this:

And, assuming your father is watching this comedy from the world that is all good - what does he think about?

Probably revising his religious objections to contraceptives...