12 June 2007

Gimme your squirrel or else!

If you thought that life in Israel is boring, here comes a lively story:

A Ramat Gan resident was indicted at the Tel Aviv District Court Sunday for arson, after he torched a man's motorbike because the latter failed to give him his squirrel. According to the complainant's testimony, Anton Surami, 25, arrived at the complainant's place of work, a pizza parlor in Ramat Gan, last week. The complainant was carrying his pet squirrel in his fanny pack, and upon seeing the small rodent, Surami grabbed it and demanded to take it with him. The complainant refused and took the squirrel back. ... But the appeasement efforts proved futile, and Surami responded by shoving the complainant, slapping him, and running toward him with a kitchen knife. Two hours later, Surami torched the complainant's bike that was parked under his house.
Judging by the eruption of emotions, it must be love at first sight - the feeling you thought does not exist anymore...

Listen to a good advice, Anton: do not judge by appearance lest you end up with a partner like this one: