01 June 2007

An answer to boycotters?

It is strangely fitting that the story in Maariv (the printed Hebrew edition, so no link) is published so close to the date of UCU boycott motion.

The surgery that saved Smadar's vision against all odds was performed yesterday by Dr Mohammed Anwar. The Saudi Arabia leading ophthalmologist overcame the prejudice in his own country and the bureaucratic difficulties in Israel to visit Israel and to perform the groundbreaking surgery.

In his "blitz" visit Dr Anwar planned to demonstrate his revolutionary and unique technique of cornea implant. The advantages of his method: it takes a few minutes after the surgery to know whether it was a success (compared to two weeks using other methods), and the process of recovery takes a few days (compared to a year).

As in any other country Dr Answar visits, he requests to operate on an especially difficult case. Tens of children and adults asked to be considered for the surgery, and 16-years old Smadar was selected. Several years ago her cornea suffered as a result of an allergy. Since then she underwent a few subsequent surgeries, but her vision continued to worsen to the state of almost total blindness.
The pioneering medical procedure caused a big excitement in the medical community and the surgery was transmitted live to several hospitals. A few minutes after the end of the surgery it became clear that Smadar got her vision back. ...

So what is the lesson of this (apparently sob) story about a Saudi doctor and an Israeli girl?




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