13 June 2007

Oh boy, are you in trouble now, Steve...

When you know people, people will inadvertently let you know some other people. This is was happened when I read a short post by Olly, he of the Olly's Onions, about a discovery of the real John Lennon's killer. Following the lead, I browsed (without any undue excitement) through the overabundant proof of Stephen King being the perpetrator of one of the most heinous crimes of the last century.

What can I say: Steve Lightfoot, the author of the whole file, should not have bothered that much. After all, here he brings all the proof a reasonable individual may possibly require:

Nope. Stephen King has never even denied my claims, publicly, ever. This in spite of the fact that I spent several months in his hometown of Bangor, Maine in 1992 with my emblazened van and magazine.
And if this does not clinch the deal in some reactionary, small-minded brains, consider The Dark Tower series: a person who wrote this will not stop before any crime, there could be no doubt whatsoever now, don't you see?

Yeah... I wish this is where it has ended. But no, I have stuck my long proboscis into another page on the same site. It was a real shocker, although it starts quite in a correct way, albeit showing some naivety and lack of information on the side of our Steve here:
And, before I begin, I am not an anti-Semite. I think 95% of Jews are just fine.
Of course, it is just the opposite: 95% of us are just what he thinks the other 5% are: saber-rattling aggressive blood-drinking running neocon lackeys of the world Zio-imperialism (which in turn is a mere facade of the Elders' outfit). It is the other 5% of us who are limp-wristed under-indoctrinated liberals, suffering from lack of sun and essential vitamins and mostly located on the island of Albion.

But then Steve sees some glimmers of the truth:
The Jews openly brag that New York City and Washington D.C. are under Zionist occupation now. It's not a matter of dispute. It can be proved. It can also be proved that our banks and media are also under Jewish control, by and large. I've also heard our military is as well.
Sure Steve, no argument here. And look at the Fort Knox - a veritable nest of Zionists. And of course, it does not stop with NYC and Washington, we owe it all - lock, stock and barrel. And I do not mean just US of A...

Anyway, the beginning of this piece has shown that Steve has some healthy instincts and could have grokked the truth, namely that he, like any other person on this globe, is just a puppet in the merciless hands of the Elders. But no... he went immediately off the track, apparently being transfixed by the idea that Russia, merely a third-rate* world power, dictates something to somebody.
But I must put my credibility on the line and say that all this could only make sense if our government has succumbed to nuclear blackmail from the former Soviet Union and is going totalitarian on us behind our backs lest we get nuked per their threats.
Ehehe, Steve - it is much more than your credibility that is on the line here. Of course, we have taken into account all the extenuating circumstances. Such as:
Lightfoot is an English sirname [sic!] and I am also part Scot, Irish and Yugoslavian.
Show a fertile ground for multiple personalities disorder.
I have two brothers and a sister and I had a pretty normal upbringing.
Oh well, obviously, if you say so, Steve. And here is the key character witness:
I met a young woman at the time who proved to be quite the pathological liar. When we met she gave me a phony name and past and lived with me for a short time....This experience made me different from most of you because I was no longer naive about liars or lies.
This one has almost made us stop. Even the most battle-scarred field operatives were seen turning away, doubtlessly to wipe a tear or two. But, at the end of the day, the good of the outfit required that Steve be thoroughly punished, and a pair of our trained reptilians has been dispatched to General Delivery**, Santa Rosa, CA 95402. To make it simpler for the reptilians, every person named Steve above age of 18 will be taken care of.

It will be gory in Santa Rosa for a while. But at least from now on no one will have the temerity to say that Russia is controlling the world.


(*) Being the real masters of the world, we, the Elders, do not see any use in rating the nations according to any criteria whatsoever. But for the public purposes, to make it simpler for some rather annoying characters, we let US of A rank as # 2 and all the others are automatically assigned the third rank. So here.

(**) Why would a person name his mansion General Delivery is beyond us, but Steve definitely cannot be measured by the common standards. Too bad we have to...