02 June 2007

On the running lackey dogs of imperialism

Here are some of them:

University students rally for a fourth day Wednesday against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's decision to close an opposition TV station.

And here are some more:

Would it be tactless of me to say that as far as dogs go, I have seen much worse?

According to this:
Speaking during an event Thursday with the visiting leader of Vietnam's communist party, Chavez said "international rightist, extreme-rightist and fascist movements are attacking Venezuela from everywhere — from Europe, the United States, Brasilia."
What can I say - them fascists sure look good...

But regarding this:
"...I say that it is much, much, much more probable that the Portuguese empire will again install itself in Brasilia than that the Venezuelan government will return the expired (broadcast) concession to the Venezuelan oligarchy," Chavez said.
I do believe that Comical Hugo is not bluffing when he says it.