30 March 2016

Now, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz - Earnestly!

This creepy old man still tries to show that the ideology that he and his dead mentors propagated is alive and well.
“No one should pretend the people of this noble and selfless country give up its glory and rights,” he wrote. “We are able to produce food and material wealth we need with the effort and intelligence of our people.”
Not that it is a great secret that the situation with food and material wealth in Cuba is akin to the health situation of The Beard himself, as you can see it. But still, it is not what takes the cake in this story. Here is what does:
White House press secretary Josh Earnest called Castro's op-ed “an indication that the trip had its intended effect" of pressuring the Cuban government to adopt economic and political reforms.
I smell the spirit of a spokesman...