28 March 2016

Is it a peak of Finnish comedy or what?

I confess to being totally ignorant about the subject. It is, most probably, my own fault, but I suspect that the people of Finland must share some of the guilt, not investing in PR of their doubtlessly fine product in this domain. I have even looked up Wiki, but, as you shall see, not much help there. Another sample I tried (one of the very few with English subtitles) somehow failed to impress. Whatever.

But this one (picked up on Facebook) is a real doozy:

If you ask me about the contents, not knowing Finnish and being ignorant of Finnish customs, I would decipher the above clip in the following way:

  1. A man follows a woman too close, creating a danger of a slipping accident in all that snow and ice.
  2. The woman turns to the man and high-fives him with one hand. However, probably due to his fear of slipping and falling down, the man fails to respond as expected.
  3. Then the woman turns to the man and high-fives him with both hands. The man fails to respond as expected again.
  4. The woman, seeing as how the man is unstable on his feet, sends him her handbag, hoping he will hold to it for safety. The man fails to catch it again and again.
And I was totally wrong in this interpretation of events, because the true one is much funnier!Here is a part of it:
The Finnish Police of Oulu have released a training video for women called "Say No!". Possession of Pepper spray for women is, like in Sweden where you face up to 6 months in prison, illegal. Any citizen carrying any sort of efficient self defense faces huge fines. The government insists that disarming law abiding Finnish citizens will stop crime - in fact the opposite result has caused devastating effects with crime rate skyrocketing as foreign criminals aren't particularly concerned with complying with weapon laws. Criminals are armed to the teeth, helpless single women will face prison over carrying pepper spray. In a recent case, a 17 year old girl in Denmark has been sentenced to a fine because she hurt the attacker with illegal pepper spray while he was trying to brutalize and rape her.
Etc. Read the rest here.

Funny as heck, ain't it?