13 March 2016

Another book not to read

In this fast-moving mystery/thriller, ... seek ancient documents hidden since the beginning of recorded time--documents that could forever change the course of human history. By using secret CIA parapsychology techniques for reincarnation based past life regression, they finally locate this treasure trove of ancient knowledge. But this is not before a harrowing journey that takes them around the world. Now is the time to reveal the secrets, but a dangerous and unknown force is trying to stop their efforts. This thought-provoking and suspenseful reincarnation thriller may make you think about the world and events in a new and perhaps disturbing way.
Any book that starts with ancient documents and adds: secret CIA parapsychology techniques, reincarnation, perilous journeys and a malicious unknown force... oh well.

Oh, and the way I think about most things is already disturbing, so there.