13 March 2016

Is Amira Hass whoring in the streets of Hebron?

To my ears it sounds farfetched. At least until it is proven by video recordings.

Now imagine any newspaper posting the above question and the above "conclusion". As a reader, you will be totally within your rights to ask what kind of crap is the newspaper up to?

Haaretz, however, has done just that in this article:

Does the Israeli Army Plant Knives on Palestinians?

And the "conclusion" of the article is just the same as in my combo above:

To the Israeli ear that sounds far-fetched, even an illegitimate question. But let’s ask: Have soldiers and policemen never lied to justify the unjustified arrest or shooting or killing of Palestinians? Israelis find it hard to believe that our soldiers and commanders could lie, until it’s proven otherwise by security cameras or still pictures of which the soldiers weren’t aware.
Welcome to the post-journalism era of the freest progressive-est newspaper in our neck of the woods.