02 February 2015

Hamas & Shariah Law Have Taken Over UC Davis? Seems true.

Somehow I have always imagined California looking a bit differently from this picture:

This looks more like some place closer to home here, but of course eyes could deceive. Even after reading the text under the picture that says "Hamas & Shariah Law Have Taken Over UC Davis",  produced by one of the UC Davis BDS proponents, one Azka Fayyaz, UC Davis Student Senator. Otherwise, the news looks like this:
A resolution calling for the University of California at Davis to divest from “corporations that aid in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and illegal settlements in Palestinian territories, violating both international humanitarian law and international human rights” passed on Thursday evening by a vote of 8-2-2. The resolution, sponsored by campus hate group Students for Justice in Palestine, was presented before the student senate and specifically targeted companies Caterpillar Inc., G4S PLC, Veolia Environment and Raytheon.
Now the picture looks more believable, doesn't it? From this festival of "righteousness", the next step, the one to the festival of hate, was practically inevitable:

Students at a UC Davis-affiliated Jewish fraternity house awoke Saturday morning to find two large swastikas spray painted onto their building.

Nathaniel Bernhard, vice president of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, said the vandalism took place between 3 and 9 a.m. Saturday. He condemned the action, saying the hate crime threatened to rekindle race tensions at UC Davis. The fraternity house is located off-campus.
Way to go, UC Davis.

P.S. If it is a consolation, UC Davis Chancellor, Linda P.B. Katehi, issued a statement on the subject.

Statement on vandalism at AEPi fraternity

Dear UC Davis Campus Community:
This morning students at a UC Davis Jewish fraternity discovered despicable and hateful graffiti on their walls, including a large red swastika that appeared to be spray-painted on the exterior of the house.
This kind of behavior is not only repugnant and a gross violation of the values our university holds dear, it is unacceptable and must not be tolerated on our campus or anywhere else.
No matter what religious, political or personal beliefs we hold, as members of a university community we have an obligation to treat each other with respect and dignity, even when we disagree.
Nothing rivals a swastika as a more potent or offensive symbol of hatred and violence toward our Jewish community members, but this odious symbol is an affront to us all. As campus leaders, we are saddened and outraged that this occurred in our community.
As our Principles of Community demonstrate, UC Davis is built on a foundation of tolerance and inclusion, and when those principles are violated in such a reprehensible manner, we have all been violated.
We have requested that the police investigate this act of vandalism as a hate crime. We appeal to every member of our UC Davis community to denounce any and all such acts of bigotry and intimidation. We must instead demonstrate to the world that no matter what issue or debate we engage in, we are a community committed to mutual respect and tolerance. No single act such as this will ever define us, but we must define ourselves as a university community that has no tolerance for prejudice or such an abhorrent symbol and the history of hatred it evokes and extends.
Linda P.B. Katehi
Ralph J. Hexter
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
Adela de la Torre
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


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OT, more important I suspect is the Iranian launching of a satellite. If they can do that, they have an ICBM right there. Building a warhead for a nuke can't be all that far away,

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