22 February 2015

My Favorite Yiddish Proverbs Applied to the Syrian Conflict

There are many more excellent use cases of the proverbs, Yiddish or not - no matter.

About the author of this post:
Aboud Dandachi is a Syrian from the city of Homs, currently residing in Istanbul. He has been cited on issues relating to the Syrian conflict in the BBC, NPR, LA Times, the Guardian, Al-Arabiya and Turkiye Gazetesi.

Aboud's articles have been republished on numerous media outlets including Daily Sabah, The Jewish Press, EA Worldview, and Frontpage Mag.
Good man that and no doubt.


Michal R said...

Excellent post by a brilliant man and writer (-:

Michal R said...

I'm curious: how did you find Aboud's blog?