28 February 2015

Murder of Boris Nemtsov and "Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?"

It is not that a murder on the streets of Moscow is a rare occurrence these days. Even if it was especially brazen and carried out in the center of the capital, in view of the Kremlin. No one is safe, and the fact that Boris Nemtsov was one of the few remaining opposition leaders doesn't really preclude the possibility of a "mundane" criminal act.

Until you see what Putin's propaganda machine is already churning out, and who better than the slobberingly slavish "Izvestiya"? The blood on the cobblestones is still warm, but the "highly placed sources in the law enforcement" are already up to the task with 3 (three!) possible scenarios of the crime.

Version 1:

The girl who was with Boris Nemtsov at the time of the murder is a citizen of Ukraine. As we have seen, she flew recently from Moscow to Switzerland to have an abortion. Was Nemtsov her only partner? - the investigators will find out, but we do not exclude the possibility of a domestic conflict, because it could be the case - said a senior source in the law enforcement agencies.

Version 2:

Boris Nemtsov himself traveled to Ukraine more than once, and it is no secret that he was in active contacts with representatives of the local political and business elite, belonging to the "war party".

They could provided him the [monetary] means to destabilize the situation in Russia. For the money, Ukrainian oligarchs might well expect that Nemtsov will split the Russian society. However, not only the split did not happen, but the opposite is happening - the consolidation of Russian society. Realizing that they are not getting results, Nemtsov's sponsors could have removed the politician for failing to carry out the task, - says the second scenario.

Version 3:

This could be a contract killing which was aimed as a blow to the powers that be through a provocation. External and internal opponents could have chosen the "victim" to destabilize the situation in Russia. However, the choice of the object for this purpose is surprising. Against the background of the current government's record ratings, Nemtsov was, in fact, an average person, whose role in society was minimal, - says the source.

Some dirt, some cheap political mystery and some doubt: a propaganda machine masterwork, worthy of the best of them. And all that practically in no time...

As for the  "Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?": nah, there is really no need for the royalty to utter something in this vein these days. The sophistication of modern politics is such that a well-trained vassal can read the royal looks, royal twitches and royal farts.

Chapeau, Vladimir Vladimirovich!