16 February 2015

Obama’s shameless Jewish cheerleaders

Isi Leibler on some Jewish Obama's supporters who pulled all the stops in their drive to earn some brownie points.

While U.S. President Barack Obama determinedly pursues his policy of appeasement, which may enable the world’s most dangerous terrorist state to become a nuclear threshold power, there are Israelis and American Jews who have initiated a campaign against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The campaign calling for the maintenance of bipartisanship toward Israel, is in reality undermining the hitherto strong bipartisan congressional opposition to the catastrophic U.S. policy toward Iran.

Israeli opposition groups and the anti-Netanyahu media are now concentrating their efforts on discrediting and calling on the prime minister to cancel his address to the joint session of Congress scheduled for March 3.

Disregarding the gravity of the negotiations with Iran — the underlying reason for the invitation — they accuse Netanyahu of destroying the U.S.-Israeli relationship by failing to obtain Obama’s advance approval to address Congress (which would never have been forthcoming). The White House even falsely alleged that Netanyahu accepted the invitation before they were aware of it.
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