18 October 2014

British Islamist Abu Baraa speaks about the shining future of Caliphate

I wouldn't quote anything, to avoid denying you the pleasure of discovery. Enjoy, but remember - the best parts come at the end of the clip:

Quite a mad bugger, that one, and he is not the only one who believes his rants.

More on Mizanur Rahman aka Abu Baraa.

And a few of his recent tweets:

P.S. Want to bet that he lives on the dole money generously provided by British public?


Dick Stanley said...

Aren't all modern "revolutionaries" on the dole? If they can get it.

As for Ebola, it's becoming apparent that it's easy to spread around. Like those smallpox-infected blankets the American settlers supposedly gave the Indians, all they need do is round up a bunch of dirty Liberian laundry and dump it on their target.

Dick Stanley said...

Hmm. I've known a few could overdose on their underwear. It had nothing to do with meth.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, most of them try to get on the dole. After all, Lenin said something re capitalists selling the rope they will be hanged with.

Re that story about blankets: wasn't it the British army what done that? And sure, dirty Liberian laundry is, probably, selling as the hottest WMD item right now.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, I know what you mean ;-)