11 October 2014

The blast at Parchin: whodunit and related issues

The "before and after" pictures presented in this article are quite confusing - because of overabundance of raw data and other misleading factors:

The first one is underexposed, while the second one is crisscrossed by all these arrows and texts. Difficult to figure out what is what. Then, consider the source: some mysterious outfit that calls itself ISIS - WTF?
The Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) said it had obtained commercially available satellite imagery on which six buildings at Parchin appeared damaged or destroyed.
Not to mention Airbus. Could it, possibly, be a side effect of Boeing-Airbas enmity?

Anyway, I have my calendar for the last two weeks printed and available to prove that I was otherwise occupied...

Besides, all these before/after images are meant only to confuse the customer:

See what I mean?