09 October 2014

Renee Alfano, director of student life in MATC, insults Islam

Via Blazing Cat Fur.

Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin allocates a room for praying, meditation and other ostensibly benign purposes*. So far the users of the room come from one category: Muslims.

But all would have been peachy and quiet if Renee Alfano hadn't decided to place a foot in her mouth, where it will remain lodged until further notice, I guess. Saying this: "... the room has become an oasis not just for Muslim students but for others with autism, post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness."

This comparison of the exalted and enlightening Religion of Peace with aut... - no, I just can't repeat it - demands a response. Where is the Rage Boy when he is needed? Here:

(*) Methinks the MATC folks better restrict the use of that room for one single purpose. After all, Ms Alfano herself says: "Two people of the same sex can use it at a time." For the perpetually horny college students it could be a life saver. So there.