05 February 2014

The ultimate in constipation relief

About a year ago I've stumbled on this picture:

and called it a surefire constipation remedy. After a quick search, this photo was sourced to a Flickr member extra-minty, who took it near Grindelwald, Canton of Berne, CH. Scary indeed. However, this achievement of sanitary engineering was overshadowed by a real champ:

This lonely lavatory has been dubbed the most extreme toilet in the world as it's perched on a cliff 2,600 metres (more than 8,500 feet) above sea level in Siberia.
Imagine the thrill of these 2,600 metres, coupled with the thought about the sacks of sand that are meant to counterbalance the weight of the contraption with its user. That should do it in any situation. And I am not even going into the thrill experienced by the folks that happen to pass nearby in the valley 2,600 metres below, when...

Oh well, there is only one other statement in the article that is worth mentioning:
The toilet is perhaps the most unromantic place possible, but there are some parts of the world where people have made them something really special.
Unromantic? Look at that rainbow in the background!