10 February 2014

Iranian simulation of missile attack on Tel Aviv: can't stop this shameful behavior, can we?

The story repeats itself with somewhat tedious frequency: once again some Iranian cinematic talent produced a fairly crude simulation of a thunderous Iranian response to something or other that you can watch here:

If you follow this link, you shall see for yourself that a variation of the theme appears on Youtube every few months. Apparently the simulation business is booming in Tehran for a reason I am unable to fathom.

This kind of behavior (here are the male and female synonyms for its name) is usually confined to the privacy of one's bedroom or bathroom. Thus this insistence of Iranian artists to do it in public looks strange, but who I am to interfere with it? Especially since it makes them feel good...

Which reminds me an old Israeli joke: A public pool guard shouts out to a pool customer: "Sir, I know that everyone pisses in the pool, but why do you have to do it from a diving board?"