16 February 2014

Questioning the elixir of immortality

Actually, I am questioning a book titled The Elixir of Immortality. I know that it is one of the gravest sins - to question a book without reading it (yet). But the mystery exuded by its blurb is unbearable:

Since the eleventh century, the Spinoza family has passed down, from father to son, a secret manuscript containing the recipe for immortality. Now, after thirty-six generations, the last descendant of this long and illustrious chain, Ari Spinoza, doesn’t have a son to whom to entrust the manuscript. From his deathbed, he begins his narrative...
Don't you see some inconsistency here, an unsubtle attempt to tinker with your brain? I mean... OK, maybe it is just me, but how come... I mean immortality...

Cripes, now I just have to read it.