13 February 2014

"Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks and the Magna Carta are all alien to our culture"

Straight talk from Hamas: ain't it refreshing?

The Hamas government in Gaza accused a UN agency on Tuesday of unlawfully printing and disseminating school textbooks dealing with human rights in a way that offends Palestinian cultural sensitivities.
And before you wade into Hamas with your trusty 2x4, read this:
Fatah and Hamas have made significant progress in reconciliation talks held in Gaza and are now on the verge of implementing previously signed agreements, Palestinian media reported on Tuesday.
Not that far away, these two, it seems.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Why die for Danzig [Deat, 1939]? Why die for Berlin in the Cold War? Why die for South Korea in the Korea War? ... Then Why die for Taiwan in the New China- America War?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I hope, Yender, that you've read the attached article, it explains why in detail. It also explains what happens to the people who are dealing in appeasement too much. I hope there wouldn't be a Chine-America war and that China will not attempt to invade Taiwan, but if it will...