08 February 2014

Adora Bull and free bleeding: not on my carpet, please!

Both the subject matter (“Free Bleeding,” in which a woman who is menstruating chooses to use feminine products no longer, in exchange for allowing her blood to flow “freely” out of her body, staining her clothing and running down her thighs to wherever it may end up.) and the author of the article (Adora Bull is an American semi-amateur journalist, alternative model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ. She graduated top of her class from Bronx Haven High School in New York City, voted most likely to “make a difference”. She has recently been dubbed by her fans as the "Miley Cyrus of Journalism.") don't raise much of enthusiasm here. I still hope it's some kind of a crude joke, aimed at old shriveled male chauvinist geezers like I.

If not - please don't do it on... oh... I have already said it.

What other bodily fluids (or solids for that matter) will be allowed to run free next, I wonder?

Hat tip: Greg.

P.S. No, the story is not a joke. I have checked. And I wish I hadn't.