11 March 2013

Syrian rebels threaten Israel on Golan?

Coming to you from Ynet, via the Algemeiner, is this story about the IDF reinforcing its presence on the Golan Heights and, in particular, along the de facto border with Syria. Why? Because "Syrian rebels have threatened to retake [the] Golan Heights from Israel..." As well as that, "the IDF are focusing on providing security for contract workers building Israel's new border fences with Syria - a fence intent on providing Israeli security in a post-Assad era."

There are all sorts of ironies here. Firstly, that Assad represents (represented?) stability along the border. That is, he knew beyond doubt that any time it chose, the IDF could come hammering down the road to Damascus. Especially once the rebellion got under way.

The last thing baby Assad needed was that, as well as the rebels.

Secondly, that the rebels (or at least the Islamists among them) represent more of a threat to stability on the Golan than Assad does (did?).

And, thirdly, that the rebels have failed to realise that the Ba'athists of the current regime in Damascus, compared with the IDF in angry mode, are a somewhat easier proposition.

Go figure!

By: Brian Goldfarb