24 March 2013

"Shattered Arab dreams": for them, my heart bleeds (British irony)

"Four years on, Egyptians who attended the Cairo University speech feel let down, a view that hardened when Obama, who has had a volatile relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, showed solidarity with Israel’s leader during his visit there, and stressed the depth of U.S.-Israeli ties."

Who are these people with shattered dreams? They are the Arab students who attended his Cairo University speech 4 years ago. Including, I note, a 34 year old. What 34 year old is still a student? For the record, while I was aged 25 to 39 while doing my post-grad work, it was while I was holding down a full-time job at the same time. That wouldn't have qualified me to be a student meeting or even attending a talk by such a notable. Commentary from that Obama speech in Jerusalem can be found here.

I feel so sorry for them, just because Obama re-affirmed the USA's constant support for Israel. If you read that article above, you'll notice how strongly he stated the US's backing for Israel. Can't get much stronger than that. UK readers will understand the background to me asking "Am I bothered?" about their heart-broken-heartedness. You can read all about their sadness in the online version of The Forward.

By: Brian Goldfarb


SnoopyTheGoon said...

What's a "shattered Arab dream"? I have a reasonably solid clue:

""... once Palestine is liberated, I don't think that Hebrew poet living under a Palestinian flag (and using the renamed George Habash International Airport) should be
harassed unless they harm the security of the anti-Zionist state."

" But your delusions are good for us: you won't know what will hit you in the future in response to all the war crimes that you have committed against our people. "

"And once the Palestinian refugees are returned to their homes all over Palestine, I will make sure that you get decent rents in the formerly Palestinian refugee camps because we may be a bit short of space for the occupiers
then. "

And then there is this:

" (Nothing incenses me or provokes me like watching scenes of "tourist" promotion for the enemy state of Israel: I scream in my inside. The stones are not yours. The flowers are not yours. The beaches are not yours. The clouds are not yours. The blueness of the sky is not yours. All will return to their owners. Then, everything will be more beautiful and more splendid.)"


SnoopyTheGoon said...

" I scream in my inside."

This phrase is etched in my memory forever. The man in question should have his bowels examined. His brain, though, doesn't need any examination anymore...