12 March 2013

Mahmoud (The Mad) Ahmadinejad, the deviant from Tehran

When you consider Mahmoud The Mad to be one of the most pious Muslims in history, think again. Apparently under the familiar (and dear by now) image of a most fervent disciple of the Hidden Imam hides a closet radical and a dangerous atheist.

The advent of Hugo Chavez's demise unsettled the poor bloke so much* that he lost control of his carefully hidden rebellious inner Mahmoud (or, possibly, the spirit of Voltaire or somebody like him). And here are the results. First, hugging the widow:

That act got a very low mark from an Ayatollah:
...shaking hands with a non-mahram (unrelated by family) woman, under any circumstances, whether young or old, is not allowed. Hugging or expressing emotions is improper for the dignity of the president of a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Then he let his real thoughts out in an embarrassing prediction:
I have no doubt that he will come back, and along with Christ the Savior, the heir to all saintly and perfect men, and will bring peace, justice and perfection for all.
I don't know what the Hidden Imam will have to say about it when he comes back from whatever place he is inhabiting. But the chief honcho Ayatollah didn't mince words:
"I say directly that he went too far," said Khatami, adding that the president should have offered his condolences in a more diplomatic manner, without "religious connotations."
And (oh the horror!) as if all the above weren't enough, he concluded the show by kissing the coffin - with the unclean infidel's body inside too!

This will end in tears, I say... or, at least, in a good dose of Drano to cleanse the rebel's insides.

(*) The reason must be clear:  people are not exactly queuing to befriend Mahmoud. Hugo Chavez (PBUH) was one of the very few who, like Mugabe and the late Kim Jong Il, provided Mahmoud the Mad with a pinch of solace.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Hugging or expressing emotions is improper for the dignity of the president of a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran." Things seem to be amiss in the land of the righteous. And to think Mahmoud was the perfect "green" president!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Shocking behavior. But thugs-on-parade usually is.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, religions, Islam included, tend to become more and more sophisticated* with time, so Mahmoud, while a perfect specimen a few years ago, simply doesn't stand up to new requirements.

(*) Not sure about that word ;-)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

One of the two is a dead thug now.