12 March 2013

Super chutzpa redefined and other unrelated stories

Another case of a promising prison lawyer career is unfolding:

A repeat drunken driver convicted in a crash that killed two teenagers has sued his drinking buddy and two Santa Fe restaurants that served him alcohol.

James Ruiz, 37, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in New Mexico District Court and is seeking monetary damages from the friend he was out drinking with as well as Applebee's and the Blue Corn Cafe, the Albuquerque Journal reported Friday.
He is going to do time, and I hope they teach him some manners inside. Talk about WTF situations...

And another one of the same ilk:
A search of two Oklahoma women who were sitting in a vehicle outside a closed restaurant turned bizarre when police discovered that one of them was concealing a loaded gun – inside her private parts.
Luckily the gun didn't go off...

And a miracle:
Polish doctors say a 25-year-old man has undergone a three-hour operation to remove a screwdriver lodged about five centimeters (two inches) into his head.

Dr. Jan Kochanowicz, one of the doctors who treated the man in the Polish city of Bialystok, said the man apparently fell and lost consciousness, but does not remember that.

When he regained consciousness he was at first aware only of pain in a hand before realizing something else was wrong. He walked to his car, looked in a mirror and noticed the screwdriver, penetrating his forehead just above his right eye.
Why didn't they leave the screwdriver in place? It could have been handy in some situations.