14 March 2013

Another book I wouldn't read

But I have to applaud the author's generosity, easily proven by the list of the protagonists:

  • A serial killer who is raping and stabbing women bartenders in the heart with a sterling silver knife shaped like a cross and leaving their disemboweled bodies to be discovered on the altars of churches.
  • A detective: a retired Navy SEAL who suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder and drug and alcohol abuse.
  • A monk who claims he sees the murders as they happen in his dreams.
  • A criminal psychologist: an Ivy League educated beauty with a wild streak.
  • A Harvard Divinity School professor who knows all about an ancient text know as the Satanic Codex that has been covered up by the church since the 1st century AD because of the controversial story it tells about Jesus and the Antichrist.
I think half of that will suffice for several Dan Brown - style opuses (opusi?). On the other hand, I would rather allow a beauty with a wild streak to cut my throat using a blunt David Star - shaped obsidian knife than read that one...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Sounds pathetic. How many cliches can you pack into one plot?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Indeed. Mind-boggling.