25 September 2012

On the snottiness of (some?) cyclists

Them cyclists were asking for a long time to be taken down a notch or two, if you ask me. Which you don't, of course. But anyway.

It was noticed more than once that owners of hybrid cars like Toyota Prius, Honda whatever etc tend to look very smug and that their road behavior tends to be obnoxious to the point where shooting accidents are just a carelessly uttered word or two away. Why does their being a bit greener than the average entitle them to smugness and obnoxiousness, I cannot explain, but the fact is that they feel that it does and behave accordingly.

And of course, cyclists are a further step on the road of refining these two qualities (I mean the smugness and the obnoxiousness). Since they don't use any organic fuels* to locomote, they are smug to the utmost. And, since many of them are vegetarians on top of not burning any fuels, their obnoxiousness is top grade (in more senses than one, if you consider their increased production of exhaust gases, inevitable in a vegetarian).

So, when one of the more hardened and incorrigible members of this group takes down one of their own, in an exemplary fashion, too, I cannot but be happy. Snotty people should be taken down. Snotty cyclists... well, by now you have got the point.

Right. You should know that this overly long post was written only because the comment system on the blog of the above linked is broken. And that the post is overly long only due to the time of day when it was penned, with is precisely in the middle of the long dark weekend tea-time.

(*)Aside of various food items they consume, of course. Whether they convert the energy from that food into locomotion more efficiently than an internal combustion engine, I wouldn't know. But I have my suspicions...


Dick Stanley said...

Speaking of cyclists, what is it about Israeli kids and bikes?


As for the Prius, I'm told it's more appropriately termed the Pious. But the vegetarian link may be strictly Israeli. I know a Texas family that owns two Pious, but they also are hunters of deer and doves, with rifles and bows, in season. Meat eaters, in other words.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah. Happens every year on Yom Kippur, when kids without enough experience jump on the bikes...