12 September 2012

Yet more on gorgeous George Galloway, MP

The following two quotes say it all. But if you insist, you can read the whole article on how Galloway, yet again, makes a fool of himself, on The Commentator:

The first quote is, in fact , the headline to the article, and reads "British MP yells, "You make me sick!" at anti-Assad audience member on Islamist linked TV station" That, of course, just shows how unfit he is to be in public life. Fortunately, I'm not a constituent of his, although I do feel sorry for those who are and didn't vote for him.

The second quote just about sums up the man himself: "From being offensively condescending to downright factually inaccurate and rude, Galloway takes viewers on a journey that starts with laughter, middles in anger and culminates in disgust."

Pretty accurate character assessment, I'd say. Read and enjoy. I think.

By Brian Goldfarb.