29 September 2012

Yet another reason for UK voters not to vote LibDem

This is from the Jewish Chronicle and is contained in two articles. The first is summarised in the paper's own headline: "Time for one state, says key Liberal Democrat".

He (Simon Hughes, MP, Lib Dem Deputy Leader - but given they elected Clegg, perhaps this is less surprising) may well say that (and he does, of course), but as usual, he misses or ignores so much, it's difficult to know where to begin. We could start, I suppose, with my own comments on the article from The Tablet relating to Patrick Tyler's book (and those you've made, of course).

Because of his approach, that the road to the two-state solution is (almost) at an end, he refuses to acknowledge the problems of a one-state "solution"*, and even thinks that "a single federated state in which Muslims, Jews and Christians had separate constitutional rights" is actually a viable option.

He clearly needs to get out more often and read more widely. I'd also like to know who he is associating with who have connections with the region. They are clearly just as one-eyed as Hughes is.

Given that Hughes was speaking at a Conference fringe meeting of the Lib. Dem Friends of Israel, and his comments go against government policy (of which, in case he'd forgotten, the Lib Dems are part), that he went on to call "for “Jewish friends who are moderate and internationalist” to make sure “international law is honoured” and challenge the Israeli government."

Fortunately, all is not lost. The Israeli ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, said "Simon Hughes was “playing into the hands of extremists” by advocating an approach that would “signal the end of the Jewish homeland”."

If you go to the www.thejc.com, you will also find a fascinating article (it's the front page headline of this week's issue) declaring that an overwhelming majority of UK citizens (75%, they say) are against a cultural boycott of Israel. Take that, Mark Rylance, and Hugh Lloyd Packman, and JfJfP. BIGOT, etc, etc! Habimah lives!

* Benny Morris, in his book "One State, Two States" (which I reviewed here:), comments on this, asserting that a one state solution would lead to, at best, an exodus (there's a word to conjure with) of Jews from the region, and at worst...I guess that Hughes either didn't think of this, or doesn't care. Make your choice.

By Brian Goldfarb.