11 September 2012

Israel saved the day, again. In 2007

Just a short piece (the full Haaretz story is hiding behind a pay-wall, and there are limits to my pocket), but this extract, via The Tablet, says it all: "According to an article in the New Yorker, Mossad agents broke into the home of a Syrian top official in Vienna and copied dozens of photographs of the secret facility, bombed in 2007; The U.S. was convinced by Israel's intelligence, but refused to carry out a strike."

Yeah, they're building a nuke, but we'll let the Israelis carry out the strike. Plausible deniability carries the day. Again.

What do you think the yanks will say when Israel (if it does) saves their faces yet again over Iran? No prizes for the answer.

By Brian Goldfarb.


David All said...

Brian, all you have to do on this score is to look the somewhat condementory statement, the Reagan White House made back in 1981 when the Israeli Air Force destroyed Saddam's A Bomb making plant and update it to Iran.
PS: About when would be the best time for Israel to strike:
Please wait until after the election if at all possible. Obama is running on a platform that says hurrah we have gotten out of Iraq and are getting out of Afghanistan. Neither Obama or the American people will appreciate it if Israel does anything aggresive concerning Iran before the election. Remember how Eisenhower went through the roof in 1956 when Britain, France and Israel decided to invade Egypt right before the US Presidential election because it throw a potential monkey wrench into Ike's re-election campaign of Peace and Prosperity.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I agree that Obama will be mighty unhappy if Israel attacks Iran before the election day. Should it change the operating procedure and planning if such was already made? Dunno. Maybe.