06 March 2007

Judah Passow - the eye and the world

As an aspiring amateur photographer... Oh, what the heck - first of all, I am mostly a perspiring photographer and, besides, let's be truthful - I don't have what it takes...

Anyway, as a child I was captured by the eternal great image of professor Challenger, he of The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Being of a sharp tongue, he said the following:

Popular lecturers are in their nature parasitic.They exploit for fame or cash the work which has been done by their indigent and unknown brethren.
Since the impression left by the professor was made in my formative years, I have been stuck with this quote forever and even more - it has expanded somehow to include the art critics. To the degree where I tend to shun both categories.

And this is why I am afraid to express an opinion about works of art of any kind, aside of "I like it" or "I hate it", lest I be classified as a critic. So whatever I say about this captivating new site of Judah Passow, one of the great photographers of our generation, will be just my personal opinion. Intended to influence you to go and to take a look at it.

There are people who have an excellent eye and there are people who have a vision of the world, and in this (rare) case these two gifts came together to create a plethora of images that require a lot of time to digest and are not easy to stomach. So be prepared for a hard journey.

Since I cannot present a sample here, due to dire warnings on the site, I shall strongly urge you to go there and take a trip you will not forget any time soon.

And when you are back here, you can rest your eyes on this cool picture:

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