08 March 2007

Eat, drink, wear shoes

As an experienced shoe buyer (the only activity I am allowed to carry out by myself with a fair chance of success), I was naturally interested by the High Anxiety article by Linda Grant. Vaguely feeling that there is a huge gulf between the male and the female attitude to the subject, I have done my best to try and understand the salient points. That is, aside of all the strange shop (brand?) names like Russell and Bromley, Kate Kuba, L K Bennett, Office, Manolo Blahnik; at least Clarks was familiar and even warmed my heart somewhat. And here are my conclusions:

1. The gulf is bigger than I imagined. The confession "I love the look of beautiful shoes and so every morning, as soon as I turn on my computer, I click on to the delicious site of..." filled me with despair and certainty that I shall never finally grok the people of the other gender.

2. High heels are an abomination.

3. The men, as such, do not have anything at all to do with women wearing high-heeled shoes, and that guilt, at least, should not be assigned to us.

4. Saying the above, my admiration for the people who agree to walk, stand and sit wearing these mechanisms of unspeakable torture on their feet, grew even more. Whether the deity has created woman of a man's rib or not, the source material was of much better quality than the one used to create the man. This rib was definitely something else.

So I believe I have got the article sorted out. Aside of one thing:

The author says she is 5ft 5in high, but our (Elders') scientists say the legs in the picture (including the missing part) are about that long. Either the author is too self-effacing or it is some Photoshop trickery. The inquiring minds would like to know. And to see.

to Norm.